Program files
Only one file (an executable file called 'scorecentre.exe') is required to run ScoreCentre; please click on the following link, and save the file to your computer:

Help files
The main help file for ScoreCentre is provided as a compiled help file (SChelp.chm); please click on the following link, and save the file to your computer.  If you put this help file in the same directory/folder as the executable file (scorecentre.exe) then you can press the F1 key whilst the ScoreCentre program is running, and the help file will open at the relevant place:

Please note: in many cases, Windows will block the help file (SChelp.chm) from running until you deliberately 'unblock' it.  To unblock the file, browse to where the file is saved on your computer, right click on the file, select 'properties' from the menu to open another window, then click the button labelled 'unblock'.

A Quick Start guide is included in the main help file, and is also provided here in case it is useful.  The guide is available in several formats, please choose the link that will be easiest for you to open:
ScoreCentre QuickStart.doc; to open with Microsoft Word.
ScoreCentre QuickStart.rtf; to open with any word processing software.
ScoreCentre QuickStart.pdf; to open with Adobe Acrobat reader

Additional documentation will be added as it becomes available, and a list of frequently asked question (FAQs) will be added as appropriate.

For problems related to this website, please email webmaster@rmeonline.net.

For problems related to the ScoreCentre software, please consult the help file (including the section on support).  If you cannot resove the issue, or wish to provide feedback, you can email scorecentre@rmeonline.net.

Last updated: 30.5.9, RE.