a database integrating Chemical attributes, Regulatory approaches and Experimental STudies from a mixture toxicology perspective

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Welcome to the CREST database

The CREST database is being developed as part of a project called Mixture Toxicology (MixTox): towards regulatory implementation (TRI). MixTox | TRI concentrates on the issue of how to implement the basic science of mixture toxicology (MixTox) in the risk assessment of chemicals. The project is running at Brunel University London and is funded by the Oak Foundation.

Interating diverse sources of chemical information

CREST aims to integrate diverse data sources of information on mixture toxicology, risk assessment and chemoinformatics. Such sources typically use different or proprietary systems for identifying chemicals so that they are not compatible and linking between them is difficult or time consuming. CREST has been built on a system of chemical identifiers called International Chemical Identifiers(InChIs) and uses a mapping step, in which the identifiers used by a data source are first mapped to an InChI. Once this is done, the information in different sources can be seamlessly integrated.

A unique dataset of mixture toxicology studies

As well as linking information in existing sources, CREST also contains a unique dataset of mixture studies which we have identified from the literature, classified and indexed (by experimental details and, crucially, by chemical).